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The University of Hong Kong (HKU) 111th Anniversary Art Installation premiered at the “111uminate” DJ-party at the Centennial Garden today (September 23). The party was the first on-campus get-together for HKU students and staff since the resumption of face-to-face teaching.

Professor Xiang Zhang, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKU officiated at the Art Installation lighting ceremony to kick-off the party. He was also grilled in a series of rapid-fire questions and shared a fun-filled evening with over one hundred HKU students and staff.

Dicky Ng Tik Hei, a Year 4 studying Electrical Engineering said: “I think tonight is great! It is a rare opportunity for us to hold such a big event. People from different departments are gathered here and our President is here to enjoy the music with us.”

Shrey Chadha, a Year 3 Social Sciences student said tonight’s event made him feel like a freshman: “I think it was really successful tonight, something like this is needed among the community because it brings every student from HKU together. I think it is really important because it makes me feel more connected to the University and to the community in general.”

Arah Owh, a Year 3 student from the Faculty of Arts, who also performed onstage, said she really enjoyed Professor Zhang’s interaction with the students: “I love his speech. He seems like a very friendly and outgoing person and he seems to be really interactive with the audience and I feel like the audience also really likes his presence.

Under a backdrop of light art projections, guest performers from the HKU family included Mosaic Acappella, M. Danso, St John’s College Dancing Team and Band, Astreas, Hong Kong Institute of Rope Skipping, and DJ RYANSEE. To spice up the evening, all party-goers were gifted limited-edition NFTs (non-fungible token).

Please watch a highlight video of the event:

To watch the highlight video on the event.

Please click here to download a video of the President's quick Q&A and the Lighting Ceremony.

More photos of the event can be downloaded from here.

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HKU 111th Anniversary Art Installation dazzles up the Centennial Garden

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