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The Greater Bay Area Science Forum – Hong Kong Forum: Sustainability Drive by Innovation, was held at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) on May 21. The Forum showcased a lineup of speakers from various sectors, including industry leaders, policy makers and academics from across the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to discuss innovative solutions for fostering sustainability.

Professor Xiang Zhang, President and Vice-Chancellor of HKU, delivered the welcome remarks, “The Greater Bay Area, including Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Macau, represents a powerhouse of economic and technological innovation, with a combined GDP surpassing $2 trillion in 2021. The Area’s robust infrastructure and financial capabilities position it uniquely to lead our country's transition to green energy.  For Hong Kong, it plays a crucial role as a hub for climate science, green innovation and finance and its potential to connect the Greater Bay Area with the wider global community.  These will also be the focuses of our Forum today. Here at HKU, we continue to nurture talents, foster research and innovation and encourage inter-disciplinary and global collaboration to achieve sustainable development goals.”

The Hon. Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of the Government of HKSAR, highlighted the significance of the forum, emphasising its three essential elements. First, technological innovation, particularly research and development and application of technologies, which is crucial to accelerating the development of “new quality productive forces”. Second, green development, which forms the foundation of high-quality development and is key to achieving sustainable development. Third, regional cooperation within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which aims to leverage the strengths of various cities and municipalities in unleashing the full potential of the Greater Bay Area.

The Hon. Chun-ying Leung, Vice-Chairman of National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; Professor Chunli Bai, President of the Greater Bay Area Science Forum and Former President of Chinese Academy of Sciences; and Mr Xi Wang, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences delivered opening remarks.

Mr Chun-ying Leung expressed his enthusiasm for the first Greater Bay Area Science Forum held a university in Hong Kong, stating, "Universities serve as hubs for education, research, and development. As we actively promote industry-academia-research collaborations, universities can contribute significantly to the key areas of interest within the Greater Bay Area Science Forum.”

Professor Chunli Bai believes that innovation in science and technology holds a decisive role in achieving global sustainable development, emphasising, “It's challenging for a single entity to initiate change, but collective action simplifies the process. Realising the sustainable development goals (SDGs) necessitates a united effort from all nations and the collaboration of stakeholders to develop a comprehensive roadmap for science, technology, and innovation. This will facilitate the coordination of global resources in support of the SDGs. The 'Greater Bay Area Science Forum - Hong Kong Forum' will undoubtedly contribute positively to promoting global sustainable development through scientific and technological innovation.”

Acknowledging Hong Kong's and HKU's scientific research prowess, Mr Xi Wang stated, "Hong Kong uniquely connects the Mainland and the world through its solid research foundation, global exchange in science, technology, and innovation, and strong ties with other Greater Bay Area cities. HKU, a leading global institution in the area, serves as an essential catalyst for technological collaboration and growth, showcasing remarkable achievements in advanced research and high-end talent development. Focusing on innovation-driven sustainable development, the Forum at HKU explores the pivotal role of science and technology in advancing the GBA's sustainability. This event is certain to generate fresh ideas, perspectives, and conclusions, further supporting the high-quality development of the GBA."

Dedicated to fostering technological advancements and sustainable development in the GBA, the event featured speeches and three individual sessions, titled “Sustainability and Innovation”, “Sustainability and Strategies” and “Sustainability Research and Practice”. These discussions aimed to propel innovative solutions and cultivate collaboration within the GBA, leading the region towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. The Forum also facilitated networking opportunities, enabling participants to establish valuable connections, learn from one another, share insights, and engage in meaningful discourse.

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Greater Bay Area Science Forum – Hong Kong Forum Concludes at HKU

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