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The President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), Professor Xiang Zhang, welcomes the initiatives announced in the 2024-25 Budget today (February 28) to foster innovation and technology development. Professor Zhang sees the government's commitment to transforming Hong Kong into a global innovation and technology hub as a positive step for the city's economic and talent development.

“As a leading institution in academic and scientific research in Hong Kong and Asia, HKU proactively contributes to the development of Hong Kong as an international I&T hub, attracts global research talent, and transforms advanced research into beneficial technologies, in line with the policies of Hong Kong and the nation," said Professor Zhang.

Professor Zhang welcomes the various measures on the innovation and technology front, including the AI Subsidy Scheme, the establishment of the Hong Kong Microelectronics Research and Development Institute, and the launch of the Frontier Technology Research Infrastructure Support Scheme. He believes these efforts will contribute to the high-quality economic development and talent cultivation for Hong Kong and the nation.

Furthermore, Professor Zhang welcomes the government's initiatives to reinforce universities' role in facilitating research and development and provide further support for universities to intensify their research efforts through the Green Tech Fund, funding for life and health technology development, and subsidies to the technology transfer offices at various universities.

Professor Zhang is confident that these new initiatives, in conjunction with the ongoing measures, will propel Hong Kong's economy forward and consolidate its prominent position in innovation and technology.

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HKU President welcomes new measures announced in 2024-25 budget to foster innovation and technology development

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