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The President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), Professor Xiang Zhang, welcomes the initiatives outlined in the Policy Address 2023, including the development of the Northern Metropolis University Town in the Northern Metropolis.

“This development is imperative to the Hong Kong’s mission to transform itself into an international hub for post-secondary education. Not only will this foster collaborations between local universities and other renowned universities in Mainland China and the world, this will also allow us to groom more students with an international vision that can contribute to our society,” said Professor Zhang.

Professor Zhang also welcomes doubling the admission quota of non-local students for government-funded post-secondary institutions to 40%, beginning in the 2024/25 academic year. He believes that the increase can further enable HKU to admit more exceptional talents from around the globe for the continuous pursuit of academic and research excellence.

HKU is also pleased to note the Government’s initiatives to strengthen universities’ role in facilitating research & development and provide further support for universities to step up its research efforts. HKU will remain dedicated to fostering innovation and contributing to Hong Kong's status as a leading global research hub.

Other initiatives, including the $1-billion injection into the Government Scholarship Fund and the $100-million injection into the Funding Scheme for Mainland and Global Engagement and Student Learning Experience, will also allow university students to take part in more learning opportunities within and outside Hong Kong.

Professor Zhang is confident that the initiatives announced in the Chief Executive’s 2023 Policy Address will continue the momentum for the higher education sector to excel in the post-pandemic era. The various measures supporting teaching and research will form the strong foundation for the further development of Hong Kong’s economy.

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HKU President Welcomes New Measures Announced in Policy Address 2023

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